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Kells (Meath) & Lisburn Connection

Following successful rounds of visits between Kells, Co. Meath & Lisburn, County Antrim in 2013, the Kells & District Tourism Forum are pleased to announce the “Kells (Meath) & Lisburn Connection”.  This will be a series of measures that will help strengthen tourism co-operation between the two towns.

Under this understanding, the two towns will strengthen the exchanges of visits, mutual studies and research of tourism, and engage in information sharing in statistics, destination marketing and travel products promotion.

Kells (Meath) & Lisburn ConnectionThe two sides also discussed an initial travel itinerary “Linen, Lace and Legends”, a 12 day itinerary aimed at the US markets which will take tourists between the Boyne Valley Region and across the border to Northern Ireland, utilising the heritage and interpretative centres in both areas.  The marketing of this and other itineraries will begin in January 2014.

“We are excited about this natural linkage with County Antrim”, said Lucy O’Reilly of the Kells & District Tourism Forum.  “The road structures make it so easy to travel between the two countries, and we are only a 45 minute drive from Dublin Airport, with so many heritage sites and excellent accommodation facilities in the two areas, ideal for cultural tourists.”

The Kells & District Tourism Forum will be sharing stands at Trade Shows in Northern Ireland in 2014 alongside the Lisburn Tourist Information Centre.

 Pictured at the Carrickdale Hotel are Lucy O’Reilly (Kells Tourism Forum), Veronica Morris (Lisburn Tourist Information Centre), Renee Clarke (Kells Tourism Forum) and Elaine Lappin (Lisburn City Council)


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